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Marion Small YAG Laser
Internal circulation-type water cooling system Nd:YAG laser
High-repetition oscillation 20Hz
High-power oscillation
Multiple wavelength oscillation with the wavelength conversion unit    1064nm 532nm 355nm 266nm
Callisto Laser Processing Unit
High-speed repeat laser oscillation 30Hz 60Hz
Multi-wavelength oscillation 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, 266nm
High-power, large area laser processing
User-friendly color LCD touch panel
URANUS Contrast Auto Focus
Unique technology for edge enhancement operation
-Configuration of the optimum numbers of AFV samples is possible, realizing high-speed focusing which reduces the time for focus completion to one third of that for conventional one.
-Employed with the unique logic, this equipment is capable of acquiring the optimum AFV peak, successfully increasing focus reproducibility by ore than three times than the conventional one.
Polaris SeriesNon-Conatct High-Speed 3D Profiler
Measurement of PS height, BM step and RGB surface